Mattis Resignation Linked to Syria and Afghanistan Withdraws

Opinion By the Editor

The military industrial complex is hard at work today on both sides of the aisle attempting to paint Trump’s decisions to withdraw troops from both Syria and Afghanistan as anything but an end to two long and unpopular wars.

The statements come suspiciously close to Mattis’ ‘retirement’ and reported disagreements with Trump. The longtime general and Secretary of Defense has spoken publicly about his generally hawkish opinion on troop involvement in the Middle East citing stability in the region.

As Trump mentioned in his tweet on the issue, he is making good on a campaign promise. The anti-war platform was not shared by many if any of his Republican rivals and certainly not Hillary Clinton.

Despite the mainstream media spin, I believe a majority of Americans are and have been against having thousands of troops on the ground in both Syria and Afghanistan, the latter being the longest war in US history. A war which has been at a stalemate and by admission as the top general of the conflict Scott Miller said, “is not going to be won militarily.”

It wasn’t so long ago that all of the major TV networks were pushing for involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and Syria (I’m missing a few I’m sure),and it appears as Trump derangement syndrome continues at epidemic proportions they have all the more reason to push for wars in other people’s backyards.

Although unlikely, this is an opportunity for Trump to find a general who is perhaps more keen on furlough than deployment. Perhaps someone who sees the National Guard as more vital to national security than regime change.

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