Who’s Pulling the Strings Behind Patreon: The Sargon Ban

Via:PSA Sitch

Who is really behind the controversial ban of Sargon on Patreon? PSA Sitch digs into the world of payment processing and discovers perhaps the problem runs much deeper than Patreon itself.

As per video description:
Sargon of Akkad was banned from Patreon. Was this due to an overzealous trust and safety team on Patreon, or perhaps there’s someone else pulling the strings? It seems like Patreon wants to blame the payment processors Paypal and Stripe for the ban without directly throwing them under the bus and hurting their business partnership.
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WATCH YouTuber Law’s video about filing an FTC complaint against PayPal and Patreon: https://youtu.be/-2ySC7edHO0
Mumkey Jones’ site: http://mumkeyjones.tv/

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