Understanding the Doomer Meme and its Philosophical and Cultural Significance | A Nihilistic and Depressed Generation

Video Via: Pursuit of Wonder

The Doomer meme explained

” In an age where information overload has caused traditional meaning to be lost and replaced with a discontent for humanity, we have found ourselves with a generation of sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness. In this video, we explore our take on the outlook of this ‘doomer’ generation and some potential means of overcoming the pessimism found within it.”
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Any Doomer article would be incompleate without showing the way out. This is clearly demonstrated by the brilliant video by Prince of Zimbabwe. Enjoy and if you are a Doomer, I hope one day you will become a Bloomer.

Reject the Black pill | The Hope of the Bloomer

Video Via: Prince of Zimbabwe

Prince of Zimbabwe Doomer VS Bloomer

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