This is Hilarious and They Just Don’t Get IT!

Milo Yiannopolous Named Grand Marshall Of Straight Pride Parade??!

Milo Yiannopolous (a gay conservative) was named as the Grand Marshall of the straight pride parade in Boston. This comes as the former mascot Brad Pitt asked for his likeness to be removed. The event is drawing backlash from the left because, of course only gays are allowed to have parades.
Milo is a master troll and this stunt likely is accomplishing its hilarious goal; which is baiting the left once again into hateful intolerance of those who are different from themselves or stray from the norm. The event was created by Super Happy Fun America. Learn more about the parade here:

Sign the petition for the inclusion of “S” on LGBTQ forming LGBTQS, “s” for straight.

Timcast weighs in..

Milo named the Grand Marshall of the Straight Pride Parade in Boston
Straight pride LGBTQ S for straight

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